Busiswa Ngudle

(31 years old, Soweto Gauteng)

My dream career is to be a Human Resource Manager. I have been working as an administrator for the last 3 years and I have grown to love systems and policies.

Losing my mom at a young age and having an absent father even though I am the youngest, key financial responsibilities have been assigned to me and thus not being able to achieve my dream career.

I have been working towards my goal and have attended several short courses to upskill myself. But I strive for a better life, with meaning and purpose.

I will use my HR skills and grow companies as when systems and procedures are aligned with staff wellness organisations work as a well-oiled machine.                          


                                                         - Busiswa Ngudle

Small Heading

Ntiyiso Mthembu (25 years old, Soweto Gauteng)

I am a South African woman who can relate to the #feesmayfall “crisis” in SA.


I started studying my PGCE degree in Education but had to drop out because the fees became unaffordable.

I know that education is the only way I can better my life and to pursue my passion is at the forefront of my goals. I love sharing information and being around children and I will continue to do my best to actualise my dreams.


I will be the first in my family to get a degree and I will strive to make my parents proud.

                                                       -Ntiyiso Mthembu

Lerato Lebaka

(23 years old, Zandspruit Gauteng)

I am an orphan as both my parents died when I was 10 years old. At the age of 12 years, I found out that I have a chronic disease and then my life spiraled out of control until I learnt that having this disease is not a death sentence but I decided that this will give me a new lease on life. My grandmother cared for me after my parents died but in 2015 she passed away and I had to learnt how to fend for myself. Now I have a full-time job as a community development worker and receive a small stipend to put food on the table for me and my son.

If I had all the money in the world, I would make every effort to further my education and study Social Work. Because I have dealt with my past, I can help others in similar situations and I believe I was made to make an impact in the lives of others.

I believe education is the key that opened every closed door, so having a degree will mean opening of more doors for me and living my dream – living my purpose.

                                                             -Lerato Lebaka

Phumza Sishiqua (27 years old, Westrand Gauteng)

I love travelling and entrepreneurship.


Since I was small I have been day dreaming about seeing amazing places and starting small businesses selling things in my community. I am originally from Mout Ayliff and moved to Gauteng to look for better opportunities.


If I had financial support I would become a Manager in Tourism & Travel. At the moment, with a 10-year-old and being a single mom (previously doing domestic work to support my child), life is hard but promising. It gives me hope to hold onto my dreams.


I desire to give my child her best life yet despite my past. I believe having an education will help me end the cycle of poverty.

                                                        -Phumza Sishiqua

Caitlyn Enslin
(18years old, Gauteng)

I am in my gap year trying to secure funds to further my passion. I was accepted into two excellent universities in SA.


When I told my friends, I want to be a teacher they laughed at me because it seemed like such a menial job.


But as I reflected on why I wanted to be a teacher, I remembered how some teachers were my candle who consumed the light and led the way for me.


My desire is to be that for others and to impart knowledge. I am an ordinary girl wanting to be that candle so that young children can dream to do extraordinary things.

                                                              -Caitlyn Enslin

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